Paediatric Course and Treatment of Children in Clinic

25 Jan

For those of you who don’t know I am currently furthering my studies in Paediatrics/ children’s acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. This is a year  diploma course in Reading at my previous college “The Integrated School of Chinese Medicine”.I will be studying with great and renouned teachers like Jullian Scott, Tersesa Barlow and Stephen Gasgoine.

I have recently discovered from our timetable that some weeks we are able to bring patients to class and they will be diagnosed  and treated in front of the class.

Last week I brought a little boy to class to be observed and treated, it was truly amazing experience.He was 5 years old and has been diagnosised with Caudal Regression Syndrome , his main complaint is  severe consitpation, the poor little love has until Easter, then he might have to be fitted with a colostomy bag. His mother is hoping that acupuncture can help.

After this first treatment at colleage he was able to pass what he called “a speical poo”a rare event.  This week Mummy said that she felt less tried, this is a great sign as our teacher Julian says it shows that treatment is working as the child doesn’t need to draw so much off the mother. After the clinic she decided to go ahead with a course of treatments with me in the Bournemouth Clinic.

We had our first session this week and it was wonderful.Its great working with children there is a different kind of energy in the treatment room. Although the needling can sometime hurt a bit, it is quick and forgotten easily by the fun and games we have.

In Chinese Medicine he is suffering with spleen qi deficiency and stagnation of qi and blood in lower jiao, basically his body just dosent have the energy needed to pass a stool this can happen for a number of reasons and is best treated with a few points on the legs that help to boost his digestion and in turn his energy ( For Acupuncturists: St36 and BL57 tonification tec/ then moxa on REn 12 and the sacrum for local qi and blood stagnation in that area: half inch serrin needles used )

After treatment the colour changed on his cheeks from pale white to a lovely flush of red and so far I have had reports that this week he hasn’t cried whilst going to school this has been the first time in months!!!:)

Children and babies can be treated for many different conditions to name a few Asthma and eczema ,cough,digestion problem,skin conditions + many more.

One great tip in class this week on diet for children is:That too much orange juice is not very good for children to drink.By drinking so much juice the digestion becomes under attack and can produce a very swollen stomach and diarrhoea also it can produce quite a lot of damp and phlegm in the body so not great for children who are constitutional inclined this way(e.g. cough up phlegm, snotty, loose stools)

Also a lot of prarents think that it is healthy to feed there babies/toddlers on whole foods like brown rice and bread when actually this is very hard for them to digest and can cause there digestive systems to become overloaded and in turn lead to illness.Better to get good quality organic white rice and bread.In general the diet for children should be balanced with right vitamins and minerals, proteins and vegetables.

If you have any queries or questions about this topic please email me on or feel free to post a comment!!


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  1. allegra January 25, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    Great post Martine. Really interesting stuff. Looking forward to your next one (no pressure!) :0)

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