Qi Gong – Keeping you healthy! What’s it all about?

26 Jan

What is Qi gong I hear you ask?!  I hear this  a lot in the treatment room.

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Well it might be of interest to know that it is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine, the others being Acupuncture, Herbs and TuiNa /Massage. It is an Ancient Chinese Health exercise (476-221 B.C.E) that helps to build up the bodies natural internal/external energy, a bit like chinese yoga.

It works by gathering, circulating and applying your life force energy, otherwise known as Qi, to help balance and rejuvenate the body. There are three main schools of Qi Gong:

Martial Qi Gong – which cultivates and stores energy to use in fighting. (These exercises help to rapidly increase strength and power.)

Spiritual Qi Gong – which cultivates the energy to connect to one’s higher self for transformation and enlightenment and has techniques like breathing, meditation and creative visualisation; helping the practitioner to open up to universal awareness.

Medical Qi Gong – the cultivation of energy for health promotion and preservation. It consists of practices that tonify, purge and balance the body’s internal and external fields. It combines the use of breath, visualisation, spiritual intent and movement to help improve health and control illness.

There are many practices and styles in each discipline as you can see from the pictures above. In my experience you should find one that feels right for you and a teacher that is clear and makes you feel comfortable.

Some examples that I use and advise patients to do in the clinic is “The Six Healing Sounds” This is great for focusing on particular organs and using visualisations and actual sounds to reenergise and rebalance them. I also get patients to do gentle medical qi gong movements like Wuji/Zhang zhuan (standing like tree/or holding the tree) This is a standing posture which helps to help qi flow in the body. Other exercises I include are practices like the ba duan jin/eight brocades, a sequence of 8 movements combining movement with breath and intention.

Different practices are given depending on the patient’s needs and their ability.

Some patients I show special acupressure massage techniques to. This is also another form of qi gong that is practiced and enhances the health and wellbeing of the person. Some movements appear very strange like clicking the teeth together or running the fingers through the hair (running 10 dragons through the forest) but all have a significant link to the meridians and pathways in the body that the qi follows around and through and helps to activate and strengthen them.

If you would like try some Qi Gong classes and live locally in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, Paul runs half hour sessions at Castlepoint on Thursday evenings and at the Littledown Centre on Sunday mornings.

Click here to visit his timetable

If you have any questions about qi or would like to share you experiences about this subject please email me or leave a comment.

Whats been happening today!

Today I had a great day in the clinic. It was very busy, as is most Thursdays, as I offer a late clinic for patients who can’t come till after work. I have been using a lot of auricular acupuncture at the moment with good responses and incorporating it into the treatment which is a nice extra tool to have.

Some of the patients main complaints today were Stress, Crohns disease, Constipation, Sjogens disease, knee pain, urgency and frequency and general wellbeing. Such a wide range of conditions as you can see and very interesting to treat, all so different.

Off to Reading tomorrow for day three on paediatric course, very excited! Also keep your eyes peeled as I will be giving away random FREE treatments on specific days and times! Maybe you can send an interested friend or family for a free session to see if it can resolve any ongoing complaints or just nab it yourself!!HEHE!!!

So until next blog take care and peace  Martine xxx:)


One Response to “Qi Gong – Keeping you healthy! What’s it all about?”

  1. Katie January 27, 2012 at 6:58 am #

    Martine has used a variety of Qigong practices on me and has also given me techniques that I need to use either on a regular basis or when I need them. What a difference this has made to my life, enabling me to ‘cope’ in between treatments and undertake a whole new chapter of my life. So if you are a clent like me who has their ‘homework’ to do, keep practising!

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