TuiNa For all (Chinese Medical Massage Workshop) in June 9th & 10th

30 Apr

2 day Practical Workshop: Learning Ancient Chinese Medical Massage Techniques

Taught By: TCM Practitioner: Martine Niven BSc (hons) Lic Ac MBAcC DipTn

Sat 9th – Sun  10th

1-6pm EACH DAY

 June 2012

This is an introduction and refresher to Traditional Chinese Medical Massage.

It is a great opportunity for those who have attended our workshops before and would like to refresh their skills.

It is also suitable for new massage therapists and those with in an interest in body work wanting  to extend their skill set. If there are particular conditions you may struggle with this workshop is a great opportunity to highlight those areas and find new and inspiring methods to get effective and powerful results.

The two days will be informative and very practical, with  demonstrations of other Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies like Fire Cupping and Moxabustion. There will also be useful Chinese Medicine dietary therapy.

This workshop is also suitable for those wishing to help friends and family with specific health related issues. Please mention these when booking and we will try &  accommodate your requests with specific techniques to practice on the day. Looking forward to seeing you there!



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