The Truth of Speech

28 Dec


Over the past few months I have been considering how the use of our speech and choice of words are so important in the healing process of our patients.

As acupuncture practitioners we offer lifestyle advice, this is part of our training and is an important part of the healing process.

This is a key point of change where the patients take responsibility for their process and learn how to consciously help and balance themselves.

This can include advice about diet, exercise, and also importantly mental patterning. From the Five Element perspective it is advice in helping to balance a person at their constitutional level. I have experienced that there comes a point in treatment when deep changes at this level are brought about maybe at the yuan qi level. Sometimes the patient’s symptoms have recovered and they appear to have resolved their main complaint but they are still coming for treatment, at this level it is clear that the patient wants to change some deep patterning within themselves and as practitioners we are there to facilitate this process by making them conscious of this and helping them to address, balance and grow through these changes as they work on their deep inner virtues.

Maybe as practitioners we don’t fully realise that what we say has such a huge and profound effect on our patients’ process and helps to shape and influence their lives.

It is stated in the Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine (Chapter 77 on the five failings of the physicians) that:

“ The fourth failing occurs in counselling. When a physician lacks compassion and sincerity, when the physician is hasty in counselling and does not make the effort to guide the patients mind and mood in a positive way, that physician has robbed the opportunity to achieve a cure. So much of all illness begins in the mind, and the ability to persuade the patient to change the course of perception and feeling to aid in the healing process is a requirement of a good physician”

We all understand that words and expression of them can have a powerful effect on a person. They can be destructive as well as healing.  Let us consider Mr Masaru Emoto’s years of research into the conscious effects of human intent, through his experiments with water.

Mr Emoto decided to see how thoughts and words affected the formation of untreated distilled water crystals. 
This was done by typing words onto paper then taping the paper onto glass bottles overnight. His experiment showed that the molecules of water physically changed when different words were attached. When positive words and prayers were placed on the jars the molecules flourished in beautiful formations and when negative ones were used they broke apart, this is fascinating considering that we are made up of nearly 80% water. Therefore imagine what influences we can have on our patients by using such positive words.


Therefore I began to consider the following (of which I am still finding the answers):

  • How do I choose the right words, expression and advice to help guide the patient towards harmony and balance?
  • What choice of words can give the correct input for change?
  • There is a realisation that this process is done instinctively and very naturally, but as this process can be extremely powerful does it not warrant a mindful approach?
  • In relation to the five elements how can we guide each patient towards their sense of balance and harmony within themselves by what we say?
  • Therefore what is mindful speech and why is it important?

After answering these questions for myself it made me very conscious of the way I use speech and words in my every day life. I suggest that you might like to ask yourselves the same questions and see where they lead you.

Speaking mindfully is a skilful practice and requires effort and training.

The conclusion I came to was that on a day to day basis we aren’t very mindful of the words we speak, we tend to speak out of a need, a want or desire, but what if for one day we only spoke after considering two conscious intentions?

These are:

  1. Only speak the truth
  2. When you speak it should be out of love and compassion and for the benefit of the other person.

In other words before we speak we need to think – is this the real truth I speak and does it help them in any way, is it for their benefit?

The Buddha said:

“When we speak, be truthful, be kind, be patient and be mindful. For both you and others who hear, are affected by your words. This will open your eyes and lead to better understanding. It will lead to peace of mind, to higher wisdom. It is the path to enlightenment.”


Please feel free to leave comment and thoughts on this topic.

Love and Many Blessing for the New Year 2013

Martine x


2 Responses to “The Truth of Speech”

  1. Kerry Pierce December 28, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    Well said Niv’s!!

    Another step on Assension ladder to know and speak truth. With the change of energies since the 21st so many more beings will only accept truth , another confirmation that the world is changing.

    Truth can only be felt or spoken if our heart chakra is kept clear and does not hold blockages from Dailey life or past, present or future trauma, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Confirmation that we need to continue to take responsibility of our own energy and healing on all levels. The most important being self healing or therapy sessions to continue to practice what we preach as just because we are teachers doesn’t mean we stop needing to also be the student.

    Much love.

    Kez. Xx

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  2. martine January 17, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    great inspirational film about the power of words!!!

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