Acupunctures helps to Treat Skin Complaints!

15 May

•Before Treatment

hand bad 2   hand bad

Main Complaint:Very itchy, hot and weeping eczema on hands, they were deeply cracked  and would bleed. Patient has had complaint for 3 years

Treatment:I always start every treatment with a detailed consultation to check underlying conditions and to determine the patients constitutional imbalances.

In  this particular case the patient had mixed conditions of damp and heat, combined with Yin and Blood Xu and was also a Water CF.

Therefore a number of points where chosen accordingly, also local points were  used like HT7, PC7 ,LI 11 and Lu5. I also used combinations of Lu5 and SP9 to regulate the Tai Yin. CF points included Kid 3 +BL64- yuan & Bl23 &+ BL28 & Kid10 + Bl66 (water points to help nourish and clear heat)

•Only 5 sessions later


Results:As we can see there was a clear improvement after only 5 sessions. He explained the itching had reduced and the layers of the skin where not peeling off so much. Also sleep had improved not getting up to pee at night and his back pain had completely gone.

It seemed that very week we treated him he slowly started to become more balanced and feeling more like himself. The skin was healing gradually and he had more energy.  The patient is continuing to have weekly treatments and soon will be spaced to to monthly sessions.

Most practitioners understand that skin complaints are very difficult to treat but this is what the amazing results of acupuncture can produce and its all early days yet.

Acupuncture is know to treat many different conditions, if you like to find out more about how acupuncture can help you contact me on 07962 905 979 and will be happy to talk about your complaint or health issues.

Or you can visits my website at


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